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Dog & Cat
Dog&Cat Body  001  

Pull the body over the head, angle the front legs, pull the legs softly through the hole. Same procedure for the hind legs. Mind the size chart!

Luna with legging  002  

Lunas hind leg is perfectly protected with our legging. Additional fixation with a second legging and push buttons.

KOI with body  003  

To use the body with a Koi fish its cut before putting it on the animal. Once clothed you can make final adjustments. Perfect UV-protection, furthermore it protects the skin of the fish in combination with lotions and salves.

Ferret Balu with body out of a legging  004  

After surgery a cutted legging protects Balu´s wounds. Range of motion is not restricted!

Dog suite with 4 legs  006  

Pull the body over the head, reach with your hand through the hole and pull the leg through it. Thats it! Adjust length just by cutting it, additional fixation with push button.

Body - examples of use 007

The broad range of use of the VetMedCare body for different animals!

Dog & Cat body with 4 legs in snow! 008  

Snow does not stick to the animal with the VMC body. No more dirt glued into the fur!

Dog & Cat body used with the belube massage stick 009  

Jingi is getting a belube-massage. Thanks to the VetMedCare body the fur is entangled into the massage stick.

Chinchilla Zippo in Body 010 Chinchilla Zippo enjoy the VMC Body https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-zKCj5BVlU
Storage Boxes 011 The new storage boxes for the VetMedcare bodies, flyers and size charts!  http://youtu.be/QCoqJIrhSmk
Horse-suite with legging  101  

The horse body with two short legs is being pulled over the hind legs and the tail in a curled state. The buckles at the front are connected to the bib. 

Horse suit with hood  102  

The horse body with two short legs is being pulled over the hind legs and the tail in a curled state. The hood is pulled over the head and fixed in the chest area.

Horse-leggings  103  

The horse-leggings can be used for protection of the front and hind legs. Furthermore the shoulder- and backarea is protected too. Every legging is cut individually and fixed with push buttons.

Animal Care Egypt  104  

The VetMedCare body helps burnt horses in Egypt. It protects the animal from further contamination and protects it from UV-rays.

Phoenix and the horse body  105  

Phoenix, another burnt horse, is using the VMC body to support the healing process, protect from the sun and further contamination.

Horse products 106 The new VetMedCare products for horses http://youtu.be/IOAWWxJQYN0
Horse head and ear protection 107 Ear and headprotection products for your horse! http://youtu.be/5jkGfYu2KPI
Bipod for horses 108 The new bipod for the front and hind legs. Full protector for your horse- http://youtu.be/EHiWokRS4Ys
Shirts and trousers at Medica, Düsseldorf  201  

Presenting shirts and trousers in different colors and types. Water, blood and hair does not stick to the material! Furthermore it is antibacterial, antivirus and no ironing is needed!

Shirt at the dog parlour  202  

Dog parlours appreciate the modern style and functionality of the VetMedCare shirts and trousers!


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